Mentoring Options

As your mentor, I commit to supporting you in a way that allows you to be your best self. Take a look at my mentoring packages to see which option is the best fit for you.

I want to help you succeed!

I offer 1:1 mentoring for wedding creatives

I will share what I’ve learned with you to help you get to where you’re going faster. And when you move forwards, you'll be more considered and strategic.

There are 3 options available to you and depending on the depth and amount of support you feel you need and want, you'll find mentoring support that works for you.

Together we'll work to understand WHO you want to ATTRACT and HOW you're going to achieve that. We'll delve into your business and identify the areas that you can improve. Do you want to receive higher quality enquiries? I'll look at your branding and evaluate how you communicate with your audience to improve consistency across your online platforms. You'll then have clarity to make better decisions for your business.

I believe in empowerment. I'm here to help you be your best self, but most importantly, to help you see just how amazing YOU are. When you feel good about yourself and believe in yourself, you can attract the clients and wedding suppliers that you want to work with. You will feel enabled to pick and choose the work that you want to do. I’m here to guide you and you'll be surprised at just how many of the answers are within you already!

Which One is Right For You?

Mentoring Investment Options




1:1 Booster Call

4 Month Intensive

Ongoing Support

Intensive 4 month 1:1 mentoring program where we work together to really transform your business and take it to another level altogether.

This option is great for past mentoring clients and experienced wedding suppliers who want to continue having support and be held accountable going forwards

1:1 Booster Consultation Call, duration of 75 minutes where I draw on my experience to help you get unstuck and give you advice, tips and strategies to move your business forwards




£185 / month

£125 / call

£500 / month

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1:1 Booster Call

1 x 75 minute 1: 1 booster consultation video call. Are you stuck and in need of a jump-start to get going? Wanting to get to that next level without wasting precious time? During this call you can talk through your ideas, and your frustrations. I can give you advice, tips and strategies on how to get your business moving again.

Key Areas:

Your USP

Website / Social Media

Branding visuals / voice

Marketing / visibility


£125 / call

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Ongoing Monthly Support

Have you been on my mentoring program and wish to have ongoing support? Or are you an experienced wedding supplier looking for regular support? This package consists of a monthly 2 hour video call once a month as well as continued support via WhatsApp. This package gives you the ability to check in regularly on your strategy and business direction. And gives you continued access to my experience and knowledge with someone who knows you and your business well.


Monthly 2 hour video call & ongoing support between calls

Accountability & strategy


£185 / month

Drop Me an Email

4 Month Intensive

If you're ready to really dig deep into your business and take it to a whole other level, my 1:1 mentoring programme is designed with you in mind. The program consists of 12 hour long coaching sessions with unlimited support via WhatsApp for the 4 month period. Throughout the program you can contact me directly and as I only take on a handful of mentoring clients, you will have my undivided attention.


12 x 1 hour coaching calls

Unlimited support via WhatsApp

Bespoke program tailored to your specific needs


£500 / month

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Kind Words

"Vaani has the ability to make you feel grounded and focused when you’d otherwise have been floating around a little lost. She raised some areas for improvement that I’d knew needed to be addressed but had probably been putting off. And helped me focus on where best to invest my energy to grow and level up. She delivered this feedback and advice in a caring, understanding and supportive way. The night after our call I couldn’t sleep due the excitement of working on my business and planning for the next 5 years!”

Martha Tobyn

Planner & Stylist - Anemone Style

Chi Okeke - KKKakes

Assumpta Victu - By Ave Creations

"Mid-season 2022, almost burnt-out, I knew I needed a fresh set of eyes, directions and insight on how to move forward so I reached out to book a mentoring session. Vaani was warm, prepared, open, generous, and kind during our session. She listened, asked thought-provoking questions, and offered different perspectives. I came out of the session inspired, reassured, and with fresh ideas on how to move forward."

"I booked a booster session with Vaani and found it worthwhile and incredibly reassuring. Despite the fact that we work in different sectors of the wedding industry, I chose Vaani because excellence transcends niche. She was empathetic, well prepared, generous when sharing her knowledge plus experiences and gave constructive, actionable feedback. It is evident to me that Vaani has a lot to offer, whether you are new or a little more seasoned in your business."


I will champion you & celebrate you every step of the way

I'm here to support & guide you