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Building a Successful Wedding Cake Business on Your Terms with Beth Haxby, Luxury Buttercream Cake Designer

Beth and I chat about the challenges of running a cake business. Beth talks about her business journey and the boundaries she has in place to maintain work life-balance so she can be a Mum to her young children.

Overcoming your Limiting Beliefs & Finding Courage to Do the Things That Scare You with Faye Cornhill

Faye is a wedding photographer, a business coach, she is the founder of the Wedding Business Club and the author of ‘I Do’. She is a well known figure within the UK wedding industry and helps so many wedding creatives.

How to Stay True to Yourself, Not be Influenced by Social Media & Take Risks to Find Success with Elspeth Tull of Blume Studio

Standing out in a very busy marketplace is no small achievement - on this episode you’ll get an insight into Elspeth and understand how she steers clear of being influenced by social media content and stays true to herself and her creative process.

Sugar Plum Bakes Wedding Business Podcast: my guests and I share our knowledge, advice and tips to help you grow your creative business in the wedding industry. I'm your host, Vaani Wadman, a UK based cake designer and wedding business mentor.

How to Go at Your Own Pace, Stay Authentic & Be Genuine in a Busy World, with Annabel Beeforth, Founder of Love My Dress

Chatting to the soulful Annabel Beeforth, who is the owner and founder of UK wedding blog, Love My Dress. During 2020, Annabel also established What About Weddings, a UK-based political campaign.


How Saying Yes to Opportunity and Believing in Yourself can Help Grow Your Wedding Business, with Katya Valentina, Bridal Hair Stylist

Guests on Season 2 of Sugar Plum Bakes Wedding Business Podcast

On this episode, Katya shares some great advice on how you can overcome imposter syndrome and also how to maintain your self worth and not get pulled down by comparisonitis.

Taking the Leap to Leave the Corporate World and Become a Full-Time Wedding Wedding Photographer with Cristina Ilao

Cristina shares her story of how she left behind a secure and lucrative job as an accountant in the financial services sector to follow her dreams. In 2021, she took the leap to go full-time with her wedding photography.

Wedding Photographer, Pierra Goff, Talks about Growing her Business using her Personality, Networking and Instagram

Pierra shares her tips and advice on how she’s attracting her ideal client and despite the changes to Instagram, how she’ll be continuing to use the app to connect with her audience and keep supporting fellow wedding suppliers.

On the Sugar Plum Bakes Wedding Business Podcast, you'll find guests all from different sectors within the wedding industry. You'll hear from florists, planners, photographers, cake designers, stationers, as well as wedding blog owners and magazine editors!

Luxury Cake Designer, Suzanne Brady of Cove Cake Design shares her Business Journey Story and Advice on How to Grow a Wedding Business

Suzanne is an inspiring business woman and cake designer, based in Dublin Ireland and through her consistency for her cake style and brand messaging, she has cultivated a luxury cake business with a high-class reputation.

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How to get PR for your Wedding Business, Eleanor Rice, Your Day Magazine Editor Shares Tips & Advice on How to Get Seen

Guests on Season 2 of Sugar Plum Bakes Wedding Business Podcast

Very often, the way a small business owner looks to grow their brand is through exposure and great PR and Eleanor shares tips on what wedding suppliers can do to help boost their visibility.

Talking Wedding Stationery, Networking and Building Community with Grania O'Brien of Ink & Paper

Grania made a career switch to embrace the traditional craft of letterpress printing. We talk about the importance of overcoming the nerves to connect with wedding suppliers through networking.

How to Hone Your Skills and Grow a Luxury Wedding Business with Fen Bolodeoku of MonAnnie Cakes

Fen and I chat about including self care in your business practice as we both believe that you need to fill your cup and nurture yourself from time to time in order to best serve your clients

How to Up-level your Wedding Business with Rebecca Carpenter, Destination Wedding & Elopement Photographer

In this episode, Rebecca shares some great advice for people new to the wedding industry. And even those of you who are already established will hear tips and recommendations for how you can take your business to another level.

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Talking Community over Competition, Pricing and Self-Belief with Charlotte Wood of Wild Wood London

Guests on Season 1 of Sugar Plum Bakes Wedding Business Podcast

Charlotte Wood of Wild Wood London, one of London’s top wedding and events florist, shares her aspirational journey into establishing her floristry business.

How to Create a Website that Connects with your Ideal Wedding Client with Hannah Stubbs of Bonny & Clyde Design Studio

Having your own website is key to securing a strong foothold in the wedding industry market and is invaluable for helping you grow your business. Hannah talks about the essential pages you should have on your website but also shares tips on how to get your website working for you.

Wedding Business Tips & Advice with Abigail Amankwa, Cake Designer of M+H Cake Company

Abigail has her cake products on Not on the High Street and has achieved great PR through TV commercials and radio interviews. Her drive and motivation, especially through the year of 2020 is something that will inspire others.

Season 1 of the Sugar Plum Bakes Wedding Business Podcast kicked off in 2021 with some great creatives in the UK wedding industry and guests included Valentina of The Stars Inside, Igor Demba and Russell Kent Nichols

Learn Tips & Tricks on How to Plan & Organise a Successful Styled Shoot with Andri Benson of Always Andri

An essential episode to listen to if you're wanting to learn about how to get onto a styled shoot as well as how to organise one. Andri was one of the first wedding creatives to organise a styled shoot in the UK and is incredible at organising collaborative styled shoots and editorials.


How to Increase the Visibility of your Wedding Business to Attract the Right Client with Vaani Wadman

In this episode I touch upon things that I’ve learnt, mistakes that I’ve made, and I also share tips and advice about some simple actions that you can take to make you and your business more visible.

How to Grow Your Wedding Business & Your Brand as an Introvert with Valentina Ring, The Stars Inside

I firmly believe that you don't have to be bold and outspoken to be seen, heard and noticed. Valentina is hugely admired and respected within the wedding industry and she has always remained her true, genuine, kind and authentic self.

How to Establish Your Pricing and Build a Luxury Brand with Igor Demba, Destination Wedding Photographer

Igor is super honest and open about pricing and money - a subject that isn’t talked about enough in the wedding industry, and he gives some great advice on how to establish your pricing.

Often in the wedding industry, we have a tendency to hear from wedding planners and photographers. So I started Sugar Plum Bakes Wedding Business Podcast to give a voice to those who don't always get heard and there are a variety of guests from different disciplines here.

How to Use the Power of Colour to Get Your Wedding Business More Visible with Ashleigh Li of Pink Palms

In this episode we talk about colour association and the power of it and how you can use it to get your wedding business more visible. We also address the preconceptions and reservations people have about using colour.