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"If you're looking for a kind, caring, authentic and knowledgeable mentor who takes the time to get to know you and your dreams and aspirations for your business, Vaani is for you! She listens, she's patient and she offers such thoughtful and considered advice"

- Louise

"I knew as soon as I met Vaani that she was the right mentor for me. She has, hands down, been the best business decision I have made. I’m confident that if I hadn’t found Vaani, I would have given up on my dream of running a successful wedding cake design company by now.

Vaani has given me the confidence to truly believe in myself and my ability as a cake designer, something I’ve always struggled with and that has held me back for so long.

She’s always there to offer advice and support when you need it, not just in the structured 1:1 calls. I feel like I’ve got a virtual cheerleader with me all the time, cheering me on!

Vaani is an incredible cake designer but I feel this is her true calling - she was destined to be a mentor."

"Vaani was a blessing in the beginning of my journey, as a small business owner, guiding and supporting me along the way. With her, as a mentor by my side, I’ve built a strong foundation to my photography business. Vaani is a very intuitive mentor - she listens carefully, pays attention to details and guides in a way, that you feel confident in your decisions. For me it was invaluable, as I felt connected and understood. Vaani has an extensive experience in the creative industry and shows the best possible way to succeed in this saturated market.

For me it was invaluable, as I felt connected and understood. Vaani has an extensive experience in the creative industry and shows the best possible way to succeed in this saturated market.What I particularly loved about working with Vaani is that she helps you in a way that you become the best version of yourself. She is always there for you.

"I’m so grateful for all the knowledge, support and help I received from Vaani, when I felt lost and overwhelmed, for all the people I met, connected with and was introduced to, when I needed them the most."

Valeria Dolci cake designer and mentoring client | Marta Ilardo photography

"If I had to write about my experience with Vaani, I would start with the phrase "the day another woman changed my life". From the initial moment I started my program with Vaani, the impact on my life has been incredibly positive.

From day one, Vaani exceeded my expectations of what a mentoring program could do for both my business and my personal growth.

With Vaani, I've realised that everything she provides is meticulously tailored to my needs - my experiences, my personality, and the way I decide to showcase my business."

"There's no one-size-fits-all approach here, instead of a generic "let's do it" speech, I received someone who truly listened to my thoughts, insecurities, wishes and dreams, guiding me all the way toward their realisations. In my search for a coach, I've stumbled upon much more than a business mentor in Vaani. She became a friend, a supportive shoulder and a compassionate human being. A fellow woman going through similar challenges that many women find themselves experiencing at various points in their lives. I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with Vaani and will always be so grateful for this experience."

"I recently entered my 5th year of my wedding planning & styling business. After an intense post covid season (and having a baby), I felt a bit disconnected from my purpose and confused about where I was positioning my business. I’ve always loved working with Vaani. She is an experienced talent in the wedding industry, with a kind and generous soul. So when I found out she offered mentoring sessions I jumped at the opportunity to work with her in this new capacity.

Vaani has the ability to make you feel grounded and focused when you’d otherwise have been floating around a little lost. She raised some areas for improvement that I’d knew needed to be addressed and helped me focus on where best to invest my energy to grow and level up. She delivered this feedback and advice in a caring, understanding and supportive way."

"It’s absolutely been the ‘boost’ I needed at a really crucial time for positive change in my business. The night after our call I couldn’t sleep due the excitement of working on my business and planning for the next 5 years!"

"This time last year I was about to make a significant investment into having a website built but something was holding me back. I knew I needed more than just a website, I needed some guidance, a watchful eye almost to steer me in the right direction and that's where Vaani came in. I'd known Vaani for a good year or so and she has always been a great source of encouragement and support so when we discussed the opportunity for mentoring I jumped at the chance.

Vaani helped me make sense of what it was that I wanted. She got me seeing things in a clearer and more achievable way. Suddenly I felt motivated and ambitious to make my goals a reality. If it wasn't for Vaani I really wouldn't have achieved as much as I have for my business."

"I used to struggle to put time aside to focus on me and the business side of things but having time scheduled in with Vaani was exactly what I needed."

"Throughout the whole programme Vaani has been by my side cheering on every little win and even after the mentoring finished Vaani checks in now and again to see how I'm doing. Vaani is the kindest soul that truly believes in your potential and really wants you to achieve your dreams. I am so grateful to Vaani for her time, expertise and encouragement and now her friendship.

Vaani has been a blessing, she's good for your soul and amazing for your business!"

"More than a mentor, Vaani is a true friend, a pillar of strength and a source of inspiration. A beautiful soul who has seen me at my weakest and showed me so much compassion to help me get back my strength.

She took the time to understand where I was at and crafted a strategic plan to cover the areas where I could improve. She tailored and adjusted her approach to that which best fitted my needs at different stages of my development taking into account my past experiences and areas for improvements. But best of all, she helped me see my strengths and realise what I already have in me.

When I started working with her, I already had my business and marketing strategies in places, but I knew I was lagging behind in my self-belief. She nurtured me and in her gentle approach gave me back the confidence I once lost."

"She is reassuring, calm and kind in her approach, but is also able to give tough love when needed.

"Since working with Vaani, I’ve never been more confident in myself than I am now. Each of our sessions left me feeling inspired, motivated and full of positivity to get me going and put my plans into action."

She genuinely cares and actively guided me through difficult times. Her kind nature enabled me to feel comfortable knowing I can confide and ask her for advice without being judged.

From journalling prompts, to practical advice, useful references, lessons from past experiences, business tips and networking strategies, Vaani is full of knowledge. She has a big heart that generously shares as much as she can. She’s the kind of mentor who really is invested in your growth and wants you to succeed.

Vaani has a special way of connecting with people. I’m so lucky to have met and personally know her. Her care and genuine kindness extends beyond the mentorship sessions. With Vaani, I got more than a mentor, but also a big sister and a genuine friend - the kind I’d like to keep for life."

"Vaani is one of the warmest and most kind humans I've had pleasure to meet. She came into my world when a colleague created a support group at the start of the pandemic. With emotions running high due to uncertainty and fear, Vaani's contributions to discussions were always soothing, calm yet insightful and decisive.

Mid-season 2022, almost burnt-out and lacking to see direction forward, I knew I needed a fresh set of eyes, directions and insight on how to move forward so I reached out to Vaani and booked a mentoring session.

Vaani was warm, prepared, open, generous, and kind during our session. She listened, asked thought-provoking questions, and offered different perspectives. I came out of the session inspired, reassured, and with fresh ideas on how to move forward."

"Thank you, Vaani, for your warmth, for being generous with your time and wealth of knowledge and experiences."

Dimple of Sugar Creations | Past mentoring client | Hannah Argyle photography

"Vaani, I wanted to thank you for being an amazing business mentor to me. I can honestly say that mentoring is definitely so precious when starting a new business. You had a way of making me realise what steps I would need to take to be successful. You made me believe in myself and gave me the confidence that I have always lacked.

You felt like a friend to me, not a coach, so kind and always gave me a boost. I would highly recommend Vaani as a business coach, she is very knowledgeable."

Vaani Wadman | Wedding Business Mentor - Photo by Tia Talula
Vaani Wadman | Wedding Business Mentor - Photo by Tia Talula

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