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My mentoring approach is to look at all areas of your business. Not just the numbers and your targets and goals but also YOU, the business owner, as a whole. I want to help you grow your business in a way that’s sustainable and tenable for you. Helping you find success while maintaining your wellbeing and feeling your best self.

Heart-led & Soulful Wedding Business Mentor

Hello & Welcome to my website! I'm Vaani Wadman, Wedding Business Mentor and Founder of Sugar Plum Bakes.

I'll encourage you to be brave and courageous and help you to feel empowered so that you can truly shine. Together we can delve into your business to understand who you want to be working with and who you want to attract.

Your business should be something that you feel proud of, that you want to celebrate. The service you offer should bring you happiness and reward. We'll work together to ensure that your mindset and self-worth is strong and when you feel secure in yourself, your business can thrive and you'll attract the clients that you want to work with, and do the work that lights you up.

I'm here to guide & advise you.

I am here to support you & champion you every step of the way.

Vaani Wadman | Wedding Business Mentor - Photo by Natalia Kacar

This is Me: I'm Vaani

My Story

I'm a wedding business mentor who has succeeded in growing a beautifully branded business while maintaining my values of love, kindness, courage & authenticity

I'm a qualified Chemical Engineer who switched careers from refinery design to wedding cakes. Without any business knowledge and only a dream, I started Sugar Plum Bakes. 9 years later, I'm still here and still going strong.


“Vaani, you are by far the best business decision I have made!”

Kind Words